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Nike Sweatshirt For Boys

Nike Sweatshirt For Boys

That plan is supposed to be considered by the board in the near future.

One issue Robertson said he will "keep a close eye on" Glasögon Gucci Dam

While Robertson vowed to continue to "hold the plant's feet to the fire" on certain issues, he also said that he looks forward to working with the other board members.

as a member of the board is a plan to start pumping up to 5 million gallons of treated wastewater a day to a proposed power plant in New Britain. The plant, which is being proposed by the Competitive Power Ventures (CPV), would use the wastewater to cool power turbines.

"I know it's going to be a rather time consuming, but its something I'm looking forward to," Robertson said. "I think there are a number of issues both now and on the horizon that affect the town of Cromwell, and I feel that I can really represent the best interests of the town."

The facility, which serves Cromwell, New Britain, Berlin, portions of Middletown and the Metropolitan District Commission, is currently being sued by the state Department of Environmental Protection for a mercury spill three years ago. In January, the DEP issued the plant a notice of violation for excessive levels of mercury in stack emissions.

According to Susan McMullen, the Capital Projects Administrator for New Britain, about 90 percent of wastewater piped to New Britain would be turned into steam and essentially dissipated. The wastewater would also be used for things in New Britain other than just the new power plant.

Robertson, who has served as president of the watchdog group Concerned Citizens for Mattabassett since 1997, will be filling the seat vacated Nike Sweatshirt For Boys earlier this year when First Selectman Mary Konopka stepped down. Robertson has vigorously opposed the expansion of the plant and petitioned to stop the facility from burning sludge from non member communities. He has also called for a ban on accepting sludge from outside the district.

Nike Sweatshirt For Boys

The Mattabassett plant has been the focus of controversy in recent years, with residents complaining about odor problems, strange yellow emissions from the incinerator stack and untreated sewage being discharged into the Connecticut River. A major concern for critics has been the plant's policy of processing for profit sludge from non member communities. According to several town officials, the plant processes the sludge from communities outside of the state, such as New York and Massachusetts.

"I'll do what I can to accurately represent what is fair and equitable for the town," Robertson said. "I think someone needs to try and hold the other members of the board responsible."

Nike Sweatshirt For Boys

has a good reason each time they discuss a matter in executive session," he said. "I also will make sure that (the board) operates within the freedom of information act."

Robertson said he still needs to gather a lot of information on the proposal, but emphasized that it would likely be something that needs to be scrutinized by local commissions.

"I know that in the past I've been critical, but I think it's important for the other board members to know that I'm not going in there just to do battle," he said. "I am also interested in establishing a working relationship that will net results."

Residents and officials have complained that Cromwell has little say over what takes place at the plant, despite the fact that the town is the most directly affected by health and safety problems. Cromwell has only two seats on the Mattabassett Board of Directors, compared to seven in New Britain and three in Berlin, something which Robertson said often serves to silence the will of Cromwell's residents.

Nike Sweatshirt For Boys

Nike Sweatshirt For Boys

"I want to make sure that the board Nike Uptempo Release Dates 2018

will also work to improve the flow of information from members of the board and plant officials to members of the public.

Nike Sweatshirt For Boys

Robertson said he Bottega Veneta Bag Online

Mattabassett critic gets seat on board

Nike Sweatshirt For Boys

Nike Sweatshirt For Boys

Nike Sweatshirt For Boys

Nike Sweatshirt For Boys

The Board of Selectmen on Wednesday is expected to appoint Robertson to the Mattabassett District's board of directors, by way of a recommendation from the Democratic Town Committee.

Nike Sweatshirt For Boys

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